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It’s all good in the hood

The Masters of Kitchen Fire Prevention

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning services performed by trained, qualified, and certified
technicians. We clean per NFPA 96 standards.
Our Services

Our Services

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Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

From top to bottom complete exhaust hood system cleaning from the hood, through the duct work and fan.  We are not a hood shining company. We focus on fire prevention.  We will ensure a complete cleaning and removal of grease from behind the filters, into the ductwork system and up to the roof top exhaust fans.  We use specialized equipment exclusively designed to remove grease with 190 degree water. We clean to NFPA 96 standards to keep you safe, compliant, and operational. In fact, 90% of restaurants that incur a fire do not reopen. We will, however, leave your hood shiny and clean too.

Commercial Kitchen Horizontal and Vertical Ductwork

New customers usually have system ductwork that has been severely neglected.  Heavy grease build-up is an extreme fire hazard. AZ  Bright Vents has specialized equipment exclusively designed for kitchen exhaust hood systems to clean down to the metal bringing them into compliance with NFPA 96 fire code standards. Installation of access panels in strategic areas is crucial to the cleaning process, along with rounded elbows at all change of direction. There must be complete access to be cleaned properly.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

When your fan shuts down, your kitchen shuts down. We keep up with fan maintenance to prevent fan failures and keep your fan operating at top efficiency. We inspect and replace the inner fan parts to prevent untimely outages.  Fan belts, bearings, and periodic maintenance, help you stay ahead of costly downtime especially during high volume cooking.

Hood Filter Weekly Cleaning

NFPA 96 Fire Code Standard compliant filter cleaning (frequent and consistent) continues to be difficult or impossible for commercial kitchen managers to accomplish. Industry history shows that this #1 fire hazard and liability needs to be brought under control. We provide weekly filter cleaning, so you never have to touch filters again.

Grease Collection Systems

AZ Bright Vents offers the necessary collection boxes, containment systems, and replacement pillows to keep the grease off the roof top, to prevent costly roof repairs and fires.

Grease Collection Hinge Kits

Access to the other side of your fan blades prevents grease build up that causes the fan to be off balance.  AZ Bright Vents offers hinge kits to access the necessary areas.  Off balance fans cause your system to rattle and vibrate.  This leads to premature wear on the bearings and belt over time.  This significantly reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of the fan.  The law requires a panel or hinge that allow easy access to your exhaust fan.

Compliancy and Deficiency Corrections

Frequent evaluation for code compliancy and implementation:

  • Corrections to the hood (grease cups, filter replacement, light globes)
  • Access panel installation and strategic placement
  • Hinge kits and fan access panel installation
  • Fan belt adjustment and replacement
  • Bearing greasing on exhaust fan

Power washing for sidewalks and common areas

AZ Bright Vents is proud to offer power washing services needed for your mats, sidewalks, and common areas.

Emergency Services

We are usually booked out 3-6 weeks at any given time. We are willing to accommodate your emergency needs to keep you up and going.